What to look for in a Compounding Pharmacy

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Stop!  Before you fill another prescription for a Compounded Medication, please read the following message; it may save your life!


What do YOU look for in a Compounding pharmacy?


If you’re like most people you really can’t answer that question.


Probably one you haven’t thought about much is it?


Choosing your compounding pharmacy is as important as picking your doctor.


Here’s why.


Generally getting a prescription filled for a traditional medication is the same wherever you go.  A tablet is a tablet and a capsule is a capsule.


Compounded medications are a lot more complicated than that.  They have to be individually prepared by a compounding pharmacist. The differences between the quality and skill levels of individual compounding pharmacies can be as great as night and day!


To make things confusing, ANY pharmacy can call themselves a compounding pharmacy even if they don’t have the training behind them to back it up!


All they have to be is a licensed pharmacy…nothing more.  


  •  No special qualifications
  •  No special licenses
  •  No extra training


Just a license to operate a pharmacy.  If one of the major pharmacy chains wanted to put ‘compounding’ in their name, they could do it. There’s nothing that says they can’t.


So here are a few steps you can take to help you choose the compounding pharmacy that’s right for you.


1. Is the pharmacy PCAB accredited?  


PCAB stands for Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.  PCAB accredited pharmacies have gone the extra mile in complying with nationally accepted standards for compounding pharmacies.


What’s this mean to you?  You will be getting your compounds from a trusted source.  You can rest assured that protocols have been established and followed each and every time your prescription is prepared.  Our pharmacy was recently recognized by PCAB and received accreditation (one of under 200 compounding pharmacies in the United States!)


Look, you want only the best for you and your family.  Compounded medications are serious business, you want it prepared only by the most qualified. The PCAB accreditation seal lets you rest easy and know you’re in good hands.


2.  What type of training has the pharmacy staff received?


All of our pharmacists have been to the intense compounding training provided by PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). It was there that we developed a skill set that is unparalleled in the Merced area.


For example we recently spent 3 years developing and perfecting a formula for a prescription face cream that we’ve tested extensively with absolutely fantastic results.  Our foundation with PCCA gave us the ability to think critically and get through the various challenges we faced preparing our cream.


3.  Can the pharmacy attest to the quality and source of their chemicals?


Without the finest chemicals available the compounds we prepare would not be up to the standards we set for our pharmacy.  We will work only with the best companies that deliver the purest, pharmacologically active ingredients money can buy.


It may cost us more but we will not compromise our standards with sub-par chemicals! 


When your doctor orders a compounded medication he or she needs to be confident that whatever they wrote is what you, the patient, is going to get.  Otherwise, how will they know if their therapy works or not?  If they order something and the product prepared doesn’t have enough (or too much of) the active ingredient, then wrong conclusions can be made and there can be disastrous results.


Ask us about where we purchase our chemicals; we have Certificates of Analysis (CofA) for each and every chemical in our inventory.  This certificate attests to the purity and source of the chemical we purchased.


4.  Does the pharmacy perform batch testing on their compounded prescriptions?


Dovetailing with point 3 is the question about testing.  To minimize human error and to keep our skills sharp we use an outside testing company (Eagle Analytical Testing) to put samples of our compounded medications through a series of tests to show the purity and potency of our compounded medications.  This is just another way for you, the customer to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we don’t cut corners and that we take great pride in preparing customized medication for you.


Again, it costs us financially but in the long run we feel it’s well worth it to assure your safety!


So remember to keep these 4 points in mind the next time you need to have a compounded medication prepared.


Or…you could have it prepared at Valley Prescription and Compounding Pharmacy with the assurance that all of these points are met and that your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority.



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